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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  April 15, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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hours. 57 in baltimore, and it will be cooler toward the east and 56 in annapolis and only 49 in dover, but back to the west away from the ocean and away from the bay, 5 in kull pepper and 66 in winchester. 57 degrees by 9:00 and 54 by 11, and by tomorrow morning i do think we'll see more clouds and drizzle and we already have a couple of watches and advisories and i'll break those down for you in my full report in a few minutes. >> those storms have left behind a massive trail of destruction and we're beginning to get a new look at how the storm system has affected communities in the mid south. jay gray continues the team coverage on the severe weather. >> reporter: as this massive funnel cloud raced across the plains of oklahoma, the tiny town of tushka and the lives of so many there spun out of control. >> it looks like somebody came and stepped on it and it looks
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like somebody grabbed it and i don't even know. >> the violent storm system late yesterday sparked tornadoes, hail, high winds and driving rains, pushing through the middle of the country and into the southeast, shattering buildings and tossing mobile homes and snapping trees. so far the weather has been blamed for several deaths across oklahoma and arkansas. at least two of the victims, young children. today as the storm continued to push to the east the target was mississippi and cars were rolled on their sides. back in tushka survivors are trying to piece together what's happening and what comes next. >> some of the most severe damage was at the high school. >> from a school standpoint, a total loss. i don't see the point of having school in these buildings again. >> we don't know where we'll hold our graduation. just one of so many questions this community and others in the
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strike zone must answer as they work through the mess the storms left behind. jay gray, nbc news. today house republicans approved a budget blueprint for 2012. before the vote the budget debate was brunted by loud singing from environmental proteste protesters. nine people were arrested. they weren't the only ones protesting the plan which contains deep spending cuts and popular entitlement programs. here's steve handelsman. >> the yays are twae 295. the 2012 budget easily passed the house. the paul ryan plan to cut the deficit. >> it gets the economy growing. it keeps taxes where they and are prevents massive tax increases. it repairs the social safety net so it works and number four, pays off our debt. 6 trillion in spending cuts over ten years is the gop goal. the plan would cut back med care and medicaid, shifting them to
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the states. >> the budget shows families and small businesses that we're serious about dealing with america's spending illness. >> it is a disgrace and a shame democrats are outraged. they rallied outside the capital against medicare cuts. >> in the churches and in the streets and take this forward. we will keep their hands off of medicare. >> president obama told associated press tax hikes can save medicare. >> people like myself who have been extraordinarily fortunate can afford to pay a little more in taxes to make sure that seniors have medicare that they can rely on to make sure we're investing in medical research. >> an open mike caught the president last night in chicago telling democratic contributors that he privately warned republicans last week to not use spending cuts as a cover to roll back what they call obama care. i said you want to repeal health care? go at it. we'll have that debate. you're not going to be able to do that by nickel and diming me
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in the budget. you think we're stupid? no nickels and dimes today. a republican plan to cut trillions. no way it could pass the senate where democrats have majority control, but house rep repss today were so unified, only four voted no and that means a hard-fought partisan budget battle is a hit. i'm steve handelsman, news 4, capitol hill. >> there were more protests against the federal budget today and the provisions that stripped d.c. over control over its own finances. several demonstrators were arrested on the hill and we'll have a full report on the next half hour with details about who got taken into custody this time. >> some people are out of their homes after fast-burning flames broke out. fire fighters from an arundel county arrived. it is not clear how many units were damaged or just how this fire started and nobody was
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hurt. major track work on metro could put the breaks on your weekend plans. a section of the orange line will be closed all weekend for track work. there will be no service between the trade yum armory and new carolton station starting tonight at 8:00. john schriffen is live outside the verizon center where the track work could affect fans who were trying to get home for tonight's game. what's the story? >> that's right. you can see the scene behind me. it is just a party atmosphere. the band behind me, the freedom high school marching band from prince william county. they've been out here for about an hour firing up this crowd. some people we talked to were so excited they had no idea what would happen with metro after the game. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: capitals fans are loud any proud ready to rock it. >> the caps will win.
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>> no doubt? >> tonight's game will bring thousands of people here to the verizon center. many will avoid the headache of parking by taking metro. >> because i didn't want to drive. because i don't like dealing with traffic. >> but after the game some might have a tough time getting home. >> starting at 8:00, multiple stops will be shut down. no service between the stadium armory and the new carolton metro stations. >> you have to do it some time, but we'll make do. >> free shuttle busses will be running. metro advises passengers to add an additional 40 minutes into their travel time if affected with some of the stops. >> to comply with the safety board recommendations, starting at 10:00 tonight repair work will begin on the blue and red lines and that means between twin brook and metro rail stations as well as new york avenue and rhode island stations because trains will be running on one track.
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>> we'll be waiting all day for the red line. this just makes it even worse. >> we'll win tonight and they'll shut it down and everyone will be happy and it will be good. >> reporter: that's what fans are hoping for. you can see everyone is gearing up and getting ready for the game tonight. metro says this track work will go on throughout the weekend. things are expected to get back to normal on monday morning, but right now with all of this excite, it's certainly hard to think about metro. everyone is certainly hoping for the caps to win tonight. i'm sean schriffen, back to you in the studio. >> i'm pretty sure you can't hear us. it sounds like it's awfully noisy. >> the band is just that good. >> all right. sounds good. a lot of excited fans that can get down there, but they aren't going to be able to get home. that will be interesting. >> an all nighter. when we come back on news 4 at 6:00, a new discovery in search of a missing student who was last seen being dragged off into the woods. >> he's naming a plan who he said sexually harassed him.
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today president obama and his counterparts in great britain and france published a joint opinion piece in several newspapers. they say libyan leader moammar gadhafi must not remain in power. in the meantime, battles continue between rebel fighters and gadhafi forces. stephanie gosk is in benghazi. >> mr. president, thank you very much for the time. >> obama, sarkozy and cameron
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wrote this op ed in an apparent attempt to repair public disagreement over the level of military intervention here and that's because the violence here still rages, particularly in the city of misrata that faces daily barrages of artillery any we're also hearing here in eastern libya that rebel forces are doing what they can to better organize themselves anies arm themselves. a spokesman for the rebels said in the coming days that they will be advanced heavy weaponry on the front line that wasn't there before. he wouldn't tell us which country is supplying it or the training needed to use it. we've also seen the rebels using better formations on the ground in an apparent better communication between each other and how to defend the city. also, there's better communication with nato. there's been a mandate from nato that rebel forces are not allowed to go past 12 miles outside of the city because nato is going to be bombing there. an update on another story in
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libya. there is till no word from four journalists including two americans, claire gillis and james foley who disappeared in eastern libya. it's been ten days since anyone has heard from them. stephanie gosk, nbc news, benghazi. a third american journalist has been missing in libya even longer. matthew van dyk is a freelance writer from baltimore and a graduate of georgetown. there's been no word from him since mid-march. state department officials have said they are axe wear of his case and are working for the release of all of the detained americans, doreen? >> friends and family continue to search today for a missing college student in the small town of darden, tennessee. authorities found a lunch box today near a creek about eight miles from the home of 20-year-old hole bobo. she was last seen heading to nursing school wednesday morning when a man wearing camouflage ambushed her, dragging her by her hair into the woods. investigators believe the kidnapper was likely tracking the young woman's movements.
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civil rights leader jesse jackson is facing allegations that he mistreated a gay employee. tommy bennett worked for jackson's rainbow/push coalition in chicago for two and a half years. bennett claims he faced discrimination from other employees based on his sexual orientation. he also claims he interpreted comments from jackson as an invitation for sexual contact. he's filed a complaint. jackson and rainbow/push trongly deny the acquisitions. there's a new concern tonight and meat sold in area grocery stores could be tainted with bacteria. researchers in arizona looked at more than 130 samples from meat and poultry including here in washington. they say more than half contained a staph bacteria that can make people sick. experts say proper cooking should kill those germs. the report also suggests you take extra care by washing your hands to prevent spreading any potential bacteria while you're
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cooking. coming up on news 4, a new solution to the problem of sleepy air traffic controllers. >> a unique alternative for a fishing trip this spring break. fishing trip this spring break. >a great looking lawn like this,
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some experts say that the best solution to the fatigue problem among air traffic controllers is to let them sleep on the job. right now current federal regulations forbid sleeping on the job even during did breaks, but researchers say other workers with nighttime shifts are more alert after they're allowed to take naps during breaks. congress would have to lift the ban on the naps and some lawmakers say paying controllers to sleep would be unacceptable. 99 years ago today the luxury liner titanic sank in the cold north atlantic.
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1500 people lost their lives in that disaster. although most people know about the famous movie and the history, here in washington there's a little-known monument and an annualer is money toe mark that historic event. tom sherwood reports. ♪ ♪ >> along the southwest waterfront near fourth and p. streets, the titanic memorial sits mostly in obscurity except each april 14th night. that's when a group of men in tuxedos solemnly gather at midnight to mark the 1912 titanic's sinking and to salute the men who gave up their lives so that women and children could be in the lifeboats first. >> out of those great men we shall never forget. >> this beautiful monument was paid for any commissioned by the women survivors of the titanic. >> reporter: the wrc channel 4 story in 1978 about the little-known memorial prompted a few staffers to do their own
6:20 pm
honor. >> so we stole some daffodils from wrc, came out here, drank some cheap champagne and now -- >> former producer james sillman started the annual event in 1979. >> has attended every one. we come out here for our toasts and we really mean it. we leave here feeling good. that's the whole thing. we're associated with this monument. we're not associated with survivors of the titanic or anything like that. the monument is our background. >> the ceremony honors both the titanic men and challenges the men of today. >> what if that were to happen today. would men be as gracious, as courteous as courageous to give up the lifeboat and let the women and children about and there is question about that? these people were unselfish, undaunted and very brave. >> tom sherwood, news 4, washington. >> before that ceremony, each of the men gather to dine on the
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same first-class menu served that last night on the titanic, oysters and filet minion. next year will be the 100th anniversary and the men in tuxedos say they plan to return at midnight once again. marine experts are trying to free a whale tonight caught in a fishing net off virginia beach. the young humpback whale is trapped about a half mile from the shore of little island near sandbridge. a park worker spotted the sprouting mammal this morning. the virginia beach aquarium response team is now calling for backup for other experts. it could take several days now free this humpback whale. >> that's got to be a tricky job, trying to figure out how to do that and till keep the whales safe. >> so we've got challenging weather moving in, don't we? >> we do. tomorrow will be one of those days that in the morning we may see drizzle and cooler weather and then the warm air comes in and that's when we have the
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potential to see the strong storms and they could be here on tomorrow afternoon. it is coming on a saturday and if you have plans tomorrow you may want to rethink them a bit. but if you have plans this evening, hey, enjoy it. it is a beautiful night outside or a beautiful afternoon we're see issing plenty of sunshine during the day today. yes, it was just a little cooler than it was during the day yesterday, but not all that much. high temperature got up to 65 degrees and 48 was the morning low. a fantastic friday, that is for sure, but we are in for a stormy saturday as the next area of low pressure makes its way our way. 60 degrees is the current temperature. winds are out of the east at 16 miles an hour. so it's going to stay breezy tonight in the easterly flow will keep things cooler especially from washington off towards the east. let's show you the numbers and east in d.c., only 56 in annapolis any 59 down toward leonard town and look at dover delaware, 49 degrees and to the west of i-95, it's warmer out here with less wind and 68 in
6:23 pm
culpeper and 65 up there towards martinsburg and we're looking at a very nice evening pretty much no matter where you go. they are going to produce some rain. maybe one to two inches, you can see it here highlighted in green and back along the blue ridge. flash flood watch is in effect and watch out for that flooding that is the potential back there and we've had pretty big flash flooding and just around the charlottesville area and we'll continue to watch out for that. then along the river, pot tome ak and the western side of the chesapeake and the coastal flood advisory is in effect through noon tomorrow and at that time a coastal flood watch goes into effect and we being see moderate coastal flooding if you live in an area that is prone to coastal flooding and watch out during the day on your saturday. when are the storms now? they're well back toward the west, tennessee, down to the south and there are numerous tornado watches all of the way from st. louis and all of the
6:24 pm
way toward mobile and alabama. those are tornado watches and the red boxes are tornado warnings. tornados have been rumbling throughout the area throughout the afternoon. let's take a look at some video out of mississippi and this tornado made its way over water and it is now called a water spout. this is tavern hills, mississippi. jackson hit very hard a little bit earlier today as well as clinton mississippi from these tornados that did come on through there and now that system's moving into alabama and into georgia as well, but right now for us, we are going to be on the dry side. our timing, let's break it down for you. tonight at 7:00, i'm not expecting anything. once again, just a great evening to get out on a friday. expect to see some drizzle and expect some breezy conditions and also some rain starting to move in here and you can see the rain moving toward fairfax county and over toward montgomery county and as we move through the afternoon, this is when we start to see the big storms move in around 4:00 back toward the west into west
6:25 pm
virginia and over toward parts of western virginia and by around 6:00, 7:00, that's where i expect the strongest storms to come through the i-95 corridor any this is where you see the best chance of severe weather. there's a slight chance of isolated tornadoes, i think that best chance will be south and east of washington down to southern maryland and around virginia, but we'll watch this one very closely and it will move out of here quickly. so sunday will be a much nicer day and we'll see sunshine. partly cloudy. a little breezy, tomorrow, cloudy and cool. breezy condition, 45 to 50 degrees tomorrow morning. tomorrow afternoon we'll see temperatures go up to the 60-degree mark in many looks. watch out for those strong storms and locally heavy rain. winds will be gusting upwards of 40 miles an hour and could be upwards of 50 miles an hour inside those storms. that storm is a quick mover and by sunday, high of 67 looking
6:26 pm
good and monday and tuesday looking pretty good right now. chance of rain, but i didn't put it in there. 74 on your tuesday and i've still got temperatures in the 80s with a chance of thunderstorms. >> most of them should stay to our north so i didn't even put them in. >> this time of year on a saturday so many things affected by stormy weather. >> this would be the third saturday with some rain. >> coming up on news 4 at 6:00, the fight over d.c. rights continued and find out who got arrested on the hill this time. drivers could be approaching an unwanted record this spring. in the governor in virjs virj makes a change in the wake of the shootings in virginia tech. coming up in sports, a pesky ranger will make his debut against the capitals in the stanley cup playoffs. ♪
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severe storms have ripped through the country's midsection leaving a path of destruction from oklahoma to mississippi. at least nine people were killed in those storms. >> today house republicans passed a framework for the 2012 budget. it make some deep spending cuts and trimmed popular programs like medicare and medicaid. some caps fans will have to find another way home after tonight's playoff game at verizon. metro is closing five stations along the orange line for the entire weekend. >> crews are doing track work and other elevator and escalator repairs. >> protests continue today on capitol hill. in people are upset over the grip that the federal government has on district fund noose as derek ward reports an elected official was among the three people arrested today. >> that is is considered your first warning.
6:31 pm
continue and you are subject to arrest. >> it was a warning that would not be heeded. this trio wanted to be arrested for their cause. >> there is no democracy without representation. i'm the united states senator from the district of colombia duly elected with absolutely no power. >> folks from the tea party needs to be out here with us and folk on the left need to be out here with us and we are going to have a revolution in d.c. folks need to wake up. >> i live in the district any i vote in the district, but i don't vote for our congress or senator and that's outrageous. no citizen in america besides us in d.c. would put up with that. >> they're protesting the bill that kept the federal government open, but clamp down on d.c.'s autonomy, removing d.c.'s authority to spend more money on abortions for poor women and setting up a voucher program that has previously been rejected by the city. >> there is no defensible rationale for what we experience in the district of columbia.
6:32 pm
>> reporter: these are arguments that have been made before. >> we have just gone through the civil rights movement. we did not have representation and we were paying taxes. our boys have been killed in vietnam and the other wars that we had up to that point and we were tired of paying taxes and being one of the highest paid jurisdictions in the country. we decided to do something on tax day. we decided a group of 51 would pour tea on the house rayburn building. >> some of the participants have been at it for decades, they're discouraged that they're still at it. they are encouraged that young people are picking up the mantel maybe that means that maybe a few years from now it won't be an argument anymore. on capitol hill, derek ward, news 4. >> the three people arrested today were charged with disorderly conduct. it's been four years since the shooting spree took the lives of people on the campus of virginia tech it. there will be a number of events tomorrow to honor the victims.
6:33 pm
governor bob mcdonald has declared tomorrow virginia tech remembrance day and ordered all flags be flown at half-staff. university officials are considering appealing a federal fine that charges the school with waiting too long to inform the campus that a gunman was on the loose. virginia governor bob mcdonald vetoed a redistricting plan for the commonwealth. the state senate plan passed the general assembly, but did not have bipartisan support. there were concerns population numbers weren't consistent in some districts. some claim they were changed to spread out the minority vote. redistricting takes place every ten it years following results from the national census. prince georges county is getting a federal grant now to boost public safety. senators barbara mccluskey announced that the county will receive more than $1 million to upgrade communications equipment for fire fighters and emergency medical services. the monies coming from the department of homeland security. the county will use the grant to
6:34 pm
buy more than 300 mobile data terminals that provide electronic information about the location and nature of an emergency. gas prices continue to climb. they are now nearly $1 higher than this time last year. according to aaa the average for a gallon of unleaded is about $3.72 in virginia. in maryland it's $3.79 and in d.c., the average is $3.99. as jane watrel reports now, it's already having a big impact on small businesses. >> reporter: at gepetto's catering in riverdale, maryland, higher gas prices are cutting into profits that can be made, with a fleet of delivery trucks and vance, gas costs were averaging $3,000 a month last year, not anymore. >> what's scarey is right now we're in the fourth month of the year and we're at $5,000 a month. so we're already back to the 2008 numbers.
6:35 pm
>> reporter: that means next month the catering company will be forced to raise its food prices. >> i think it's something we all have to deal with. >> reporter: it's a familiar refrain as gas prices continue to climb officially hitting $4 for regular unleaded in the district. at lee's nower and card shop, delivery fees have been raised by $2 to offset the sky-high gas price niece we've been fortunate. our customers are loyal and they know that we try to keep our prices reasonable. >> reporter: for the first time in five years, this four-decades old go cart track is finding itself also raising prices due to the rising cost of fuel. >> i've got to do what i've got to do to thai in business. it's a summertime business and i have to make the money in the summertime and gas is a big part of it. >> we're now looking at november 2009. >> josh caron keeps checking the numbers hoping that 2011's sky-high prices will soon be history, but with his vendors adding fuel surcharges and the
6:36 pm
cost of food going up, there's little hope. >> at this point we try to weather it. i don't see an end in sight. >> reporter: while motorists are fighting back by driving less, small business owners say they simply don't have that option. gas prices are now a full $1 a gallon higher than a year ago. in northwest, jane watrel, news 4. coming up on news 4, getting in on the instant lunch deal for the internet savvy. the iyour lawn is a living, breathing thing.
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on a fantastic friday. temperatures today made their way into the 60s. we're still sitting out there right now. take a look. a beautiful shot of the white house. you can see the winds are blowing those flags around over toward the washington monument and on top of the white house right now, but a pretty nice-looking evening out there. enjoy it while you can. 60 degrees, the current temperature, winds out of the east at 16 miles an hour and the gusts upwards of 30 miles an hour. we'll continue to be breezy tonight and especially during the day tomorrow if not windy. overnight tonight, dropping to 50 inside the d.c. area and 49 towards warrenton and expect to see clouds on the increase overnight tonight and then
6:40 pm
tomorrow expect rain and even some thunderstorms later on in the afternoon, but expect rain early in the morning and then just thunderstorms in the afternoon and once again, some of those could be strong and severe. high temperature near the 60-degree mark and fredericksburg, you may be near 65 degrees. what to expect tomorrow, strong storm, some of them could be severe in some locations. the strongest storms will rumble through here between 4:00 and 8:00 tomorrow evening and there could be possible tornados and i'll continue to keep you upd e updated with this with more coming up at 11:00. >> thank you, doug. everybody knows that april 15th is income tax day, but the irs has given d.c. residents three extra days. instead of today being the deadline, it is now monday the 18th. the change is due to a federal tax law that impacts deadlines not just for d.c., but the whole country. today is emancipation day in the district, but if you till need more time file form 486 by monday. you can pay any taxes you think
6:41 pm
you may owe and you have until october 17th to file your 2010 returns. you can't get much for a dollar these days, right? but today, one buck was enough to get you lunch. more than 100 restaurants in our area including taylor gourmet in northeast helped kick off its new instant deal section. today most people could buy lunch for just a dollar. from here on out the deals will ow up every day in different neighborhoods, but they will only last for a few hours so you have to buy and eat quickly. >> i want to know about portion sizes. i'm all about quantity. it has to fill me up. >> i have to wonder. >> what can you get at the capitals game for a dollar? >> maybe half a pretzel. >> not even. >> maybe the mustard for the pretzel. >> they'll give it to you for free. >> coming up, game two, caps-rangers. new york will have a pesky player in the lineup. we'll tell you who that is.
6:42 pm
ian desmond not leading off against the brewers and we'll tell you why he's not doing that, plus a bad day on the golf course for pga professional
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
maybe not as drawn out as wednesday. that was pretty suspenseful. >> let's get it over in regulation. >> a lot of drama. like we would call it the cardiac cat. >> for the first game two. >> you don't want that. >> if you like numbers, listen up. even if you don't like numbers, listen up. teams that take a 2-0 series lead have gone on to win the series 7% of the time. that's why game 2 is super important for the men rocking red. the capitals' victory against
6:46 pm
the rangers was consistent with what they were doing all season, playing a hard working, defensive style of hockey and if you notice a lot of guys diving at pucks, they were. they blocked the 32 shots, the most they've had under coach bruce boudreau. crashing the net also paid off when ovechkin tied the game in the third period and forced overtime. it wasn't pretty, but the capitals got the job done and they're focused on doing the same tonight. >> everybody plays a more defensive style hockey and, you know, the goalies right now are the most. it's all about hard work. >> they got great defense and a great goalie and it's hard to beat them and i don't expect anything less tonight. we have to forget about that game. we played well and we'll forget about that game and they played a hard game, but they'll play even harder tonight. >> against the rangers'
6:47 pm
lundqvist. new york is making a lineup change. sean avery will make his playoff debut tonight and i know what you're thinking, oh, goody. to put it nicely, sean avery is a pest. for more on tonight's game, we go live to verizon center to join lindsay czarniak. hello, friend. >> i wonder what he would say about that, hakim. >> he's a pest and he knows it. >> all right. we'll let you have that one. bruce boudreau just said a while back that he hoped after all of the times that the players have faced avery that they're certainly not going to be bated tonight by hissantics. he would remind his team about that, but the bottom line is they know that they'll have to play better because the rangers are going to bring some heat tonight to the ice accident caps players are saying this is almost in a sense like another game one. bruce boudreau added they have to start from scratch. >> it's one game at a time. it's a pretty blase message-type
6:48 pm
thing, but we won one game. that's all we've won and we've got to win four. so you look at the other series going around, it's -- none of them are going to be easy and i don't anticipate this one to be easy, so let alone, we won in overtime, you know? and we tied it up late. if we let up we're going to be in trouble. >> this is fun. this is playoff hockey. the rangers will play better and usually when one team pushes the other team will push back any to bring out the best from each other you have to have each other's best. >> they're a competitive hockey team and you get on the ice and somebody runs you over and there's a chance, people are very proud hockey players and very competitive and, you know, when you're pushed, it usually brings out the best and we expect them to push very, very hard and we expect to raise the game as well. >> that's capitals center brooks like and everybody on this team knows how important it would be
6:49 pm
for the caps to be able to take a two-game advantage. an important factor is keeping it loose and this is what they do, they play sock tore loosen themselves up and get their legs going before the game and that includes doing the same thing that worked during the playoffs. alex ovechkin getting his teammates ready. i have to say, hakim, you've been around them any you know. the demeanor of this team, these individual players seems a lot different just because this is a certain sense of belief and part of it was when the veteran leadership like jason or not was added to this team. they can do it, they're held accountable and tonight it could pay dividends for them. >> exactly right. they're just buying into the defensive brand of hockey that bruce implemented. they were in the long losing stretch and now they're onboard and they're hoping that it's going to pay off in the playoffs. so game two tonight, 7:30 face-off and it will be another good one. lindsay? >> thank you. >> you're welcome. >> talking baseball now. the nationals starting the weekend series with the brewers
6:50 pm
and the short top ian desmond is not leading off. desmond is 0 for 25 at nats park this season. danny espinoza will be in the leadoff spot and desmond will bat seventh. last night it was a pitcher's duel between jordan zimmerman and philadelphia's chris lee. he was looking sharp in his third stop of the year. top of the third facing carlos ruiz. this is a slider and he's caught looking. check out the umpire, he punches him out and gets into it. zimmerman perfect through five, but then in the sixth, ruiz up again and not perfect anymore. it's over the line in left field, out for a solo home run. zimmerman, seven innings and only one earned run and zimmerman was impressive last night. no doubt about it. chris lee was dealing bottom seven and it's rick an kiehl and jason worth and how about adam laroche on the big old breaking
6:51 pm
ball. that's just nasty and lee strikes out the side and throws a complete game shut out and the nationals lose 4-0. golf now, and if you've ever played then you've probably had a bad day on the golf course. yesterday a professional golfer had a very, very, very bad day. first round of the texas open, this is kevin na and he's in the forest. his tee shot on the par 4 9th so he picks it up and goes back to tee up again and not good. back in the woods. he's hacking away in there. na shoots a 16 on the hole. he was on a par 4. he shoots a 16. it's the worst par 4 score in pga tour history. just a nightmare for mr. kevin na. >> i don't know. how are we going to count all of the shots? >> i have no idea. >> i -- i can't keep track. >> here's 7 over there, 8.
6:52 pm
>> 8, 9, 10, 11 out. 12, 13, 14. >> that sounds about right. >> i was telling him, i think i made somewhere between 10 and a 15. >> oh, that's great. here's the good news, na finished today's round on the same ninth hole. he finished with a par 4. >> oh, good for him! >> they looked like they were back there hunting. >> he was in the woods and he shoots a 16. that's just ouch! >> every golfer in the world can appreciate watching a pro go through that. >> i can appreciate that for sure. that was rough. >> maybe before he agrees to wear that microphone again after he watches that on tv. >> yeah. coming up, find out who is reeling in support to stop fishing at a local park. >> be sure to follow news 4 online. just search nbc washington on
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>> an annual fishing tradition got under way today at a northern virginia pool, but this year the event got the attention of a national animal rights group. julie carey has that story. >> oh! >> reporter: it's a classic moment, the thrill of the catch even when the fish comes from a murky community pool stocked with trout. >> you are the luckiest woman! >> reporter: this was opening day of the fishout. this is the fourth year the lakeridge parks and rec association has offered the fishout and each year between 500 and 1,000 people come here to take a different kind of dip in the pool. >> reporter: for most who come it's a chance to preserve a family tradition or to pass it on to the next generation. >> i grew up doing it and i would like to bruce him. >> reporter: but this year there is opposition. it comes from the animal rights group peta.
6:57 pm
several members stood outside the pool armed with signs making their case that fishing is animal abuse. >> fish feel pain just like dogs and cats do. being empaled with metal hooks and being suffocated as they're dragged out of the water is incredibly painful. >> reporter: most inside with their poles in the pool disagree with peta's take. they see fish as supper. >> i really don't take it too seriously. they're fish. they're meant to be caught. that's why they were raised. >> these two friends say they don't mind the peta protesters. they sympathize with the fish as they try to remove the hook. >> it hurts me almost as much as it hurts you. come on, but they also view fish as food. >> i respect the opinion if we weren't going to take them home and eat them and make good use of them, then, yes, i think they have something to object. >> the event director says she doesn't think the peta dem tragz will keep families away this year. >> reporter: on the contrary. you have to appreciate how
6:58 pm
strong they feel about it and, you know, they brought us a lot of advertising and publicity we wouldn't normally have. >> reporter: in prince william county, july carey, news 4. >> the fishout runs every day from noon until 7:00 until april 23rd at the tall lakes pool in virginia. coming up at 11:00 a local boxer convicted over the death of his wife, but her murder remains unsolved. we'll have more on the efforts to free a whale tangled up in in netting off of the virj rirj coast and the tasting at a new brewery. the first in nearly 50 years. that sounds interesting. >> it it does! >> how about our weather? >> that will be interesting, too. tonight really good night out there so enjoy the evening and plenty of sunshine until the sun goes down about 40 minuters on so. temperatures are on the nice side. tomorrow things change in a big way. we'll be windy tomorrow all day long and then we also have the
6:59 pm
chance for strong thunderstorms. do expect rain throughout much of the day, but the storms should rumble through by late tomorrow afternoon. some could be strong if not severe. mond sunday, high of 67 and monday and tuesday and the high temperatures averaging above average. >> okay. thank you, doug. >> all righright. thank you, doug. >> i'm kind of sorry vance is off tonight because i know he'd get a kick out of this tore, maybe you will, too. >> there's awe museum in iran that is said to hold the largest collection. it belonged to the shah is of iran. when he fled the country he left these cars behind. years later they were located and restored and put in this museum. there's a mercedes coupe said to have transported hitler before world war ii began. the museum director says he


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